First Class

The Mercedes Benz S Class is the pinnacle of Mercedes Benz passenger vehicles. Among the titans of first-class travel such as the BMW 7 Series, Audi A8 and multiple other luxury vehicles, the S Class is a truly incredible vehicle at the height of the automotive vehicle market.

No matter what setting you put this vehicle in, it will always shine brightly as a truly remarkable saloon that is more than fit for any purpose you need. Whether that be business use or private hire, you’ll never know luxury quite like the S Class Mercedes Benz.

Features of the Mercedes S Class 

Award-Winning Design: The S Class has won multiple awards for being the best luxury car on the market. Hailed as a true leader of the luxury auto world, this car truly does offer the height of comfort and luxury as well as performance and handling, all in one incredible package.

Facilities: The S Class has multiple screens available for use as well as free wifi, a 3D sound system, onboard beverages and incredibly comfortable seats while you enjoy all that this vehicle has to offer.

Excellent Interior: Maintained to the height of their potential, our S Class vehicles have exquisite interior designs. With integrated technology, stylish upholstery and only the best in design in every inch of the vehicle, it’s a luxury in every sense.

Services Available with the S Class

We ensure that every one of our clients has the option to experience this incredible vehicle in every one of our services. Whether used for business or pleasure, the S Class will give you an experience like no other.

Private Events: Impress any guest and make a sophisticated yet understated appearance in the height of luxury at any event. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, openings or any other event you may have, the S Class makes any experience even more memorable than ever thought.

Corporate Use: Travel between meetings, with clients or to events in the ultimate example of luxury, style and efficiency. The S Class ensures you can carry out business wherever you go, always experiencing nothing but prestige.

Events & Culture: Use the S Class to enhance any occasion, whether that is sport, music, film or theatre, the S Class makes a stylish and subtle appearance that oozes class as it transforms your transportation experience in the utmost luxury.

m-Chauffeur Munich
E class Munich
E class Munich

Business Class

The Mercedes Benz E Class is one of our most popular cars for business and executive chauffeur services. As a tried and tested classic of the prestige business world, the car’s comfort and style is famed in the world of business chauffeuring. With a tailored interior, classic handcrafted wooden panels and a host of features available to all clients, this car is truly remarkable. 

Features of the Mercedes Benz E Class

Onboard Wi-fi: Thanks to the latest in Mercedes technology, each of our E Class vehicles is equipped with onboard wifi. That is ideal for attending and hosting meetings, staying connected to your team, emailing stakeholders and carrying out any other day to day activities of the business world all while on the move.

Room for 3: With the latest in luxury designs as well as a timeless body style, the E Class can more than comfortably transport up to three people with ease. Perfect for group meetings, client transport or any other business need, it does it all with style and finesse.

Baby and Child Seats available: Child care is hard enough at the best of times, and our E Class vehicles ensure that this isn’t something that carries through to our services. We have adequate capabilities to arrange baby and child seats as required. That means no matter where you need to travel or work, your family can experience just the same luxury that you do.

Specific Facilities

3 Seat Capacity

Leather upholstery + heated rear seats 

Spacious cabin with ample legroom 

Climate control for passenger comfort 

Folding armrests 

Cup/drinks holders 

Electronic air suspension 

Onboard wi-fi 

Welcome carpet lights 

Ambient lighting

Services for the Mercedes Benz E Class

Airport Transfer: Whether you’re flying commercial or private for your own business or flying in clients, our Mercedes E Class is ideal for airport chauffeuring. With the highest of luxuries plus onboard facilities and refreshments, it’s the perfect car for the job.

Corporate Events: The E Class does it all, chauffeuring from the site to site, between meetings, or even after-hours work events too. Any corporate need can be met with ease in the pinnacle of comfort and luxury. Combined with our 24/7 services and tracking ability through our booking system, it’s a truly incredible way to travel.

Hourly Hire: Business or pleasure, the Mercedes E Class vehicles in our fleet all have an hourly rate option alongside our complete packages. This means that no matter what reason you require a chauffeur, we can accommodate you in every way.

Social & Private Events: Social and private events are just as important as business or executive travel. This is why all of our non-business services like guided tours, wedding chauffeurs and any other service all have the E Class as an option that is open, customised to you and your needs.

Business van

Luxury isn’t limited to small groups thanks to the Mercedes Benz V Class. With up to 7 seats available all just as luxurious as the other the V Class brings style and sophistication even to larger parties. No matter what the occasion, the V Class can be the perfect way to keep larger groups together while still benefiting from every luxury Mercedes Benz has to offer.

Our V Class vehicles can be used with any of our services. From business to private hire, there are countless occasions where it is more than the perfect vehicle for the job.

Features of the Mercedes Benz V Class

Practicality & Comfort: With the power of a high quality van along with the comfort that Mercedes Benz is famed for, the V Class is a combination of practicality and comfort, all in one ideal machine.

Luxury Interior: The V Class is massively luxurious internally as well as externally. The leather seats face multiple angles to ensure a practical means of communication for passengers. They also offer a range of high class features experienced only in the highest of luxury vehicles.

Historic Brand: Mercedes Benz is world-renowned for its luxurious brand/. The quality of their vehicles is near to unparalleled as they offer performance, style and comfort in every vehicle that they produce.

Specific Facilities

  • Seven seat capacities 
  • Leather upholstery + heated rear seats 
  • Spacious cabin with ample legroom 
  • Climate control for passenger comfort 
  • Folding armrests 
  • Cup/drinks holders 
  • Electronic air suspension 
  • Onboard wi-fi 
  • Welcome carpet lights 
  • Ambient lighting
  • Table options

Services for the Mercedes Benz V Class

Day Trips & Tours: Explore the city of London of the UK as a whole in groups of any size you need thanks to the V Class. Bringing luxury and groups together, it’s perfect for trips, tours, and anything else that you could need.

Corporate Use: With practical table designs, lighting, passenger facing seats and more all on board the V Class is ideal for corporate use both in and out of the office.

Private Events: Weddings, parties and all other events always benefit from a vehicle that can carry up to seven people. Enjoy events even before they start all with Mercedes Benz level comfort and sophistication.